With the penalty for driving whilst holding a mobile phone currently a minimum of 3 points and a £60 fine, it has never been more important to be hands free in your vehicle. ICA can supply and install all the leading brands and are a Certified installer for Parrot products, ensuring we have a trusted solution for your vehicle. In many cases we can add bluetooth functionality to your car using the factory fitted controls and displays and for those vehicles unprepared for bluetooth we can ensure an aftermarket kit is added neatly and at the very least making use of the factory audio system to ensure good quality of call every time.  There are many quality products on the market, below are our top selling units and why:

Parrot CK3000 Evolution

Parrot ck3000A great entry level Bluetooth handsfree kit with a small control button. Whilst it has no display, so does not allow caller display and phonebook browsing, the small button means it can be fitted very discreetly. in many cases the button need not be used at all and factory fitted controls can be used instead with the use of Parrots range of OEM  interfaces.

 Parrot CK3100

Random 038Old faithful. Reliable and fuss free Bluetooth handsfree calling. Features a display for caller display and phonebook browsing with integrated control button. Voice recognition for making calls. As with most Parrot devices the CK3100 is updatable with new software to keep it working with the majority of phones on the market.

MKi9100 / MKi9200

Mki9200Favoured for their separate screen and control buttons, the latter of which is wireless for infinite placement in the vehicle and their ability to provide not just high quality Bluetooth hands free calling but also music playback via the vehicles speakers from almost any device. Connection is via Apple Dock connector, 3.5mm jack and USB or simply via wireless A2DP Bluetooth.