With constantly improving image quality and significantly decreased hardware size, CCTV in your vehicle  can assist your journey in many ways.

Witness cameras

view_wless2A great new range of products that record the view out of your windscreen and in some cases rear screen, to provide evidence in the case of an accident.  These small devices can record video, audio, G-force and GPS data to prove without doubt what happened in an incident. All units are small and easily fitted by  us. For fleet operators especially these devices can be invaluable to improve driver behaviour and give vehicle location and time information.

Multi camera CCTV

These systems are used to monitor and record the interior of a vehicle. Several cameras can be installed to view your passengers and cargo, both goods or livestock.  Systems such as the Brigade Smarteye can even give a complete 360 degree bird’s eye view of the area around the vehicle. With recording to HDD and GPS data logging available, you and your load are in safe hands. Particularly popular with taxi drivers.

Horse area cameras

Horsebox cctvPerhaps the addition of recording and data logging is of no use and you simply wish to view your horses whilst in transit? We add cameras to be viewed via existing sat nav screens or with their own monitors. Wireless systems can be installed for trailers and long vehicles for improved digital clarity.