iPod or MP3

ipod and mp3An iPod or MP3 input can be added to virtually any car. With many types of systems available, you can be sure ICA will advise you of the best method for your vehicle.  Call today to see which of the three categories below your car falls into:

Aftermarket add on

A kit which will give us an input to your audio system but may only give us control of volume via the cars radio, all functions such as browsing and track skipping will still be via the iPod itself.

Aftermarket with control

A kit which channels the audio through the vehicles existing speakers but will allow control of the device via its own controls, with track information given via a small dash mounted display. The Parrot MKi9100 is an example of such a kit.

ipod and mp3 shuffleIntegrated

A kit produced for a specific vehicle to give integration of an Ipod with audio ,device control and track display via the vehicles original equipment radio, steering wheel controls and dashboards displays. Available in some cases from the vehicles manufacturer themselves or from the aftermarket.