Load Area

Load Area Accessories & Racking

load areaICA can supply and install a comprehensive range of products to ensure your van interior is ready for easy, efficient use every day. Ply and steel racking products are available with various drawer and small part containers allowing you to maximise the load space of your van, ensuring everything has a home!  Health and safety requirements are met with warm water hand wash units that include hand care dispensers, first aid kits, eye wash kits and fire extinguishers.

We supply directly or supply and fit a vast range of vehicle racking units from Van Guard. These are listed below. All units are pre-built with a suitable dimensions or adjustable legs for fitting over wheel arches. All modules can be screwed or bolted together to create a large system, with the new floor storage systems offering even greater flexibility within your van.

Bulkheads are available for all vehicles in solid, punched or window variants allowing you to keep your load safely behind you. We now have specialist bulkheads like that from Vanguard for the VW T5 Transporter Kombi which fits behind the middle row of seats giving further flexibility to this vehicle type.