Why choose an Antares Authorised Installer?

Choosing to upgrade your vehicle from an Antares Authorised Installer gives you peace of mind that the auxiliary electrical system on your vehicle will perform as you have asked it to.

From the simple facility to charge power tools through to a complete multi-source system to power command and control vehicles, mobile training facilities, or even an ambulance, we have a solution, trusted by emergency services and military forces the world over, sometimes with lives depending on the reliability of the electrical system.

Antares Installers are trained to design systems that maximise the benefits of the professional grade equipment supplied by Antares, while maintaining value-for-money over the life of the vehicle.

Antares Installers have full support and training from the technical team at Antares to develop customised solutions where off the shelf parts won’t give the desired results. This gives them the ability to ensure all components work together to give you the electricity you need when you have said you need it.

Anyone can wire some boxes together, but what if the system has a problem? Using an Antares Approved Installer gives confidence that the parts are designed to work together, and any issues can be quickly identified and rectified. A single design source also allows adaptation of the system to cope with any future change in usage pattern of the vehicle, without always having to start from scratch.
Antares Installers also provide first line diagnostic trouble shooting should it be required, providing better standards of after sales support than non-AAIs.

Before becoming accredited, and regularly throughout the Installer’s membership of the scheme, Antares inspect the work that is carried out to ensure that the Installer follows all current best practise guidelines, our expert Installers provide the best possible quality of installation, backed up by a warranty that at least matches that of the components chosen to make up your system.